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Name: Mr. Biggles


Shelter: Carroll County Humane Society

Bio: Mr. Biggles was adopted from the Carroll County Humane Society in October of 2011. When he was adopted he was a small, sickly kitty, but not he is thriving. He's a very chill dude and loves to eat, sleep, and cuddle.

Name: Jeffrey


Shelter: Copper Country Humane Society

Bio: Jeffrey was live trapped in the woods of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and he was feral and scared. They thought he would have to be euthanize, but beore they did that they gave him a chance. After months of hard work and love, he was a transformed cat. He was adopted just before Christmas 2015, and has proven to the be the best cat anyone could ask for.

Name: Daisy


Shelter: Woodbury Humane Society

Bio: We got her as a kitten from our local humane society. She is the princess of our apartment and sits on her very own pedestal with her comfiest bed. She definitely knows that she can do whatever she wants and will probably get away with it. Her favorite thing to do is to tease the dog and play with shadows.

Name: Mr. Meowgi


Shelter: PAWS (Pets Are Worth Saving) Okinawa, Japan 

Bio: We adopted Mr. Meowgi as a kitten while we were stationed in Okinawa, Japan in 2000.  When my oldest was born, I fell asleep from exhaustion and left a pot of water boiling on the stove.  I awoke to Mr. Meowgi meowing and hitting my face.  The stove caught on fire. Thanks to him, I was able to put it out with a fire extinguisher and nobody was hurt. He moved around with us and visited more countries and states than most humans. He spent so many hours traveling on airplanes and going on road trips!

Name: Luna


Shelter: Washington Humane Rescue Alliance

Bio: Luna is a snuggly, fluffy polydactyl cat. She loves using her "thumbs" to pat my face in the morning to ensure I am not late for work. She also enjoys belly rubs and chasing down paper bag handles that we have collected for her. 

Name: Paisley Mae


Shelter: Independent Cat Society

Bio: Paisley Mae was rescued from the streets of Gary, IN. I adopted her from ICS in January of 2010. She actually reached out of the cage with her pluffy paw at me. When she let me rub her tummy, I knew she was the one. She's my silly nutkin and resident diva. She loves feathered toys and drinking straight from the faucet. She tucks me in at night and wakes me every morning. She's also a great "big sister" to Sprinkles and Rainbow.

Name: Percy


Shelter: Friends of Rescue

Bio: Percy has brought so much joy into our lives since we adopted him! His mom was dumped at a shelter. Friends of Rescue pulled her and immediately took her to a vet. What a complete shock to find out she was pregnant with three of the most beautiful babies ever.. Percy being one of them! I pre adopted him the minute I laid eyes on him!

Name: Cosmo

Shelter: Heritage Humane Society, Williamsburg, VA

Bio: We adopted Cosmo and his liter mate, Casey, in 2008. We went looking for a dog and adopted two kittens. Cosmo would sit on his hind legs and paw at the air with his front feet - resembling begging.  He was a thinker. We watched him look at the top of the sideboard as if he was measuring the distance. He then proceeded to jump straight up and land on the top. Cosmo slept beside my husband at night and would often nap in my husband's lap. We lost him far too soon as Cosmo passed away from complications of colon cancer five years ago.

Name: Magnum

Shelter: San Bernardino County Animal Shelter 

Bio: Magnum is the epitome of everything that is pure in this world. He is gentle with children and just wants to be loved at all times. He has a need for constant human contact and lives for affection. He is as smart as he is Loyal and has been an amazing companion these past 8 years.

Name: Seiger

Shelter: Paws of New England 

Bio: When we lost our pitbull we looked to adopt another to honor him that's how we found Seiger, though DNA tests tell us he is not a pitbull we love him to pieces. Seiger was once a junkyard dog found roaming a highway in MO then brought to CT by PAWS for training where we adopted him.  Dogs, cats, kids, couches - there's nothing this boy doesn't love. Even after 2 knee surgeries he is the sweetest boy you'll ever meet. My wife brings him to the nursing home she works in where he has a knack for bringing late stage dementia residents out of their shell.  

Name: Dori

Shelter: Angel's Hope

Bio: Dori is a sweet and lovable girl who was only three months old when she was dropped off outside of the shelter on a cold and rainy day. She was severely emaciated and trembling with fear. The shelter took her in and helped her gain weight and confidence, and waited for her to be adopted. Dori waited six long months in the shelter, and her time was running out. I was a volunteer during her stay at the shelter, and I loved her so much, and couldn't imagine my life without her. I took her home, and the rest is history! Her favorite things are sleeping, eating, and cuddling.  She also seeks to help end BSL, and bring awareness to the abuse bully breeds face today.

Name: Kujo

Shelter: Athens County Dog Shelter (Ohio)

Bio: I got Kujo (aka Joe or JoJo) in February 2016. He’d been found as a small puppy wandering a rural country road alone- not sure if he was dumped, a stray litter, or what. His message is to be willing to work through issues a shelter dog might have, if you’re prepared for it. He had separation anxiety - it was like he was hyper alert and felt anxious all the time. Nowadays, I like to call him my adventure dog. I can point and say up, and he’ll jump up. Swimming? He loves it. Wading through mud in the woods, climbing ledges, or hiking for hours? Car rides? Dog parks? He’s your pup! 

Name: Panda

Shelter: Furever Homes Rescue 

Bio: He was quirky and cuddly and just loved everyone sadly on Nov 13 2017 he went to the rainbows but the rescue I got him from is so deserving of any help - they are super awesome. I was very thankful to them for rescuing him so I could have him in my life.

Name: Ollie

Shelter: A Forever Home

Bio: My family adopted Ollie when he was a six month old puppy. I was in elementary school at the time and I was so excited to meet him and take him home. Ollie has been a lovely addition to our family for the almost nine years he's been with us.
He was taken from a high-kill animal shelter, we don't know much more about his history but now he enjoys laying in the sun and playing with his stuffed squirrels.

Name: Oakland


Bio: Oakland was posted on for rescue because his old owners were opening their own business and wouldn't have had time to care for him. Now he lives with my fiancee and I and is being trained to be a service dog.

Name: Trina

Shelter: Brittany Spaniel Rescue, Louisville, KY

Bio: We rescued Trina when she was a year old and this Monday she died in my lap just shy of 12 years at our home from heart failure. She came from an abused home before she was taken to the Brittany rescue, and this made her evermore thankful and loving to everyone. She was also incredibly smart, able to spell "walk" and "bath" and remembered probably 10 names of people who she often saw. Trina loved laying outside in the sun, munching on bones, and being pet and brushed by anyone willing. 

Name: Marshmallow

Shelter: Critter Corral Guinea Pig Shelter

Bio: Marshmallow and her cage mate, Inky, were rescued from a house fire. They were roughly a year old when I adopted them. Marshmallow was with us almost 6 years. She was a diva pig. She had an opinion about everyone and everything. She would squeal the loudest for treats and ate dandelions like spaghetti, complete with green juice around the corners of her mouth just like a kid with spaghetti sauce. I've had many piggies since Snicker, but she will always be my a heart pig. She and my rescue kitty Jasmine were best friends.

Name: Rosie

Shelter: New Haven

Bio: Rosie is my guinea pig that I rescued. When she came to me, she was pregnant. Had two beautiful healthy babies. She came from a shelter not too far from me. To be honest, I think she rescued me. I battled mental illness and since having her I been feeling better. I just love her so much, and her sister who is also a guinea pig.

Name: Carrwinn

Shelter: Connecticut Humane Society 

Bio: She's a spunky cuddle loving, chicken stealing adorable albino hedgehog with only 1 front tooth. 

Name: Tessa

Shelter: Lollypop Farms

Bio: Tessa is a curious girl that loves her soft bed, daily misting, chick peas and watching cars go by.

Name: Tripod

Shelter: Buckingham County Animal Control

Bio: Tripod was found extremely malnourished, scared and well, with only three legs by our wonderful Animal Control Officers here in the county.  I'll never forget the first time I visited with her.  I could tell that this sweet tiny girl was far from trusting of humans. She would do everything that she could to avoid coming in contact with anyone. 

After much discussion and tears over this sweet girl, we finally got her settled into her new forever home! Many treats and pep talks later, I had her eating out of my hand within the first month. While it hasn't been an easy journey, Tripod is flourishing now more than ever.

Name: Ganon

Shelter: Pasado's Safe Haven

Bio: Ganon has a flock of 12 ducks that he loves and watches over. He'll sound the alarm if anything happens nearby that might bother them, but he's all honk and no bite.

Name: High Caliber Crowe

Shelter: From The Heart Kill Pen Rescue

Bio: Crowe is a 4 year old mare rescued from a kill pen. I had just been scrolling through Facebook when I saw her and adopted her almost on the spot. She's the calmest creature I've ever come across. Nothing spooks her she nickers and calls anytime your near, wanting your attention. She's a power house tank of a mare to boot. Someone gave up a gem!

Name: Xena

Shelter: Trinity Rescue Inc (aka Trinity Rescue and Equine Sanctuary)

Bio: Xena was born on April 21, 2014 with deformity in all four legs. She was brought to Trinity Rescue for help when she was just 1 day old. From the beginning, she was spunky, full of life and completely unaware that she had any disability at all. She was able to have surgery when she was 3 months old, which corrected the deformity in her front legs 100%. The surgery helped correct her legs, but it also caused her growth plates to close. Therefore, Xena is only approx 27' tall. Due to her special needs, she is a permanent sanctuary horse at Trinity Rescue and Equine Sanctuary. She has been training to be a therapy mini, and has done visits with residents at local assisted living homes.

Name: Shirley

Shelter: Bunnies United Network

Bio: Shirley is an adoptable rabbit with Bunnies United Network, the House Rabbit Society Chapter of Illinois. She came to us after spending some time in the local shelter and we soon learned that she had never been outside of a cage in the first 2 1/2 years of her life. It took her a few weeks but once she got used to regular attention and free time to play and roam in a loving foster home, she blossomed! She does regular flops now (lays completely on her side in a relaxed position), has energy to explore and play and loves being petted by her human friends. She is a gorgeous girl, a lilac colored Lop with a dewlap that doubles as a pillow when she’s resting! She has a gentle personality and is a true love bug.

Name: Stargirl

Shelter: House Rabbit Society in Richmond, CA

Bio: Stargirl was found on the streets of San Jose, CA in January of 2017 by a person who found her living under a car. They knew something was wrong with her since she couldn’t move her hind legs and they phoned the House Rabbit Society (HRS) who took her in. When she arrived, Stargirl was filthy and couldn’t move at all. The staff members of HRS didn’t think she was going to make it. She was found to have a parasite, named Sarcosystis, that has never been seen before in rabbits. She regained strength soon was able to walk. We wound up fostering Stargirl in June when space was needed at the shelter and when she came to our home, she was so happy that we could not ever let her go.

Name: Beaker

Shelter: The Rescued Rescuers - Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Bio: Beaker captured the hearts of many as one of the Rescued Rescuer's worst cases. He was found as a stray nearly bald and dragging his rear leg. He had untreated Cushing's disease, three ruptured discs in his back, and a severely infected foot. Despite it all, the Beakster always remained in good spirits with the sweetest disposition. With the help of all his supporters, he was able to get treatment. His hair has grown in nicely and he is now able to use his leg with the help of his signature leg brace. He won over his foster family and is now a permanent part of their pack. He is now the mascot of the rescue and also has a fan page with several hundred followers promoting rescue and his "Beaker Strong" motto.    

Name: Baileys

Shelter: Safe Haven Dog Rescue

Bio: Baileys (formerly Cream) was born at a shelter in Tennessee. Her mom, sister, and 2 brothers were brought to IL for a chance at a New Life. We inquired about fostering her, immediately fell in love, and became a foster fail! She has been a member of our family ever since! She loves the outdoors and can even open the back door herself to get in or out.

Name: Sienna

Shelter: Rescued from a kill shelter in North Carolina

Bio: We named Sienna after the crayon color sienna brown because the first day we had her, we noticed her fur colored matched the fallen pine needles in our neighborhood which are also the color Siena brown. She is a high energy pup who is loyal and protective. She loved to play rowdy par-coring style jumping off our furniture. She loved both romping in deep winter snow and swimming in our pond in the summer, but she detests rain.

Name: Bandit

Shelter: Bayonne NJ’s CARE

Bio: Bandit was our beloved dog/friend/hero for many almost a decade. He was given up by someone who didn’t have time for him. Well we found time for him! And wish we’d had more. Bandit was a beautiful soul and though he is no longer with us, the memory of his calm demeanor and hatred for peas and the fireplace lives on.

Name: Lucy

Shelter: Players for Pits

Bio: Lucy, formerly known as Lady, was used for breeding at a young age. It's estimated she had at least 2 litters before being dumped at Chicago Animal Care and Control just 3 days before Christmas, 5 weeks post birth, full of milk and without her puppies. Players for Pits rescued her and got her set up with a wonderful foster. Unbeknownst to us, Lady (now Lady Bug) did not have a lot of interest from prospective adopters but we fell in love with her during our first visit. And the rest is history.

Name: Star

Shelter: Mountain View

Bio: Star had a rough kittenhood. She arrived at the Arizona Humane Society as an injured stray. She had a terrible eye infection. The Second Chance Animal Hospital tried to save her eye, but it was too damaged. They removed her left eye, giving her a permanent wink. She had a second surgery to remove a mass on her paw. One of our kitties had just died suddenly and we weren't really ready to adopt a new cat, but I saw her profile on the AHS adoption website. Her profile said she was "shy" and "needed time to warm up." We made the drive across town to meet her on a Saturday. She wasn't shy; she was feisty and skeptical. It took months to earn her trust. Little by little she's warmed up to us. I'm thankful every day that she found her way to us, where she belongs.

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