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​Submit Your Pet

If you've ever wanted your adopted pet to be a future Shelter Pets, this is the place to submit them for consideration. The mission of Shelter Pets is to help as many shelters and rescues as we can, so please help us spread the word so we can continue to produce more pets from all over the country.

The rules are fairly simple, but here is a general overview:

1. Any pet that has been adopted from a non-profit shelter or rescue is eligible. It can be a dog, cat, pig, horse, ferret, bird, or *any* other animal from a rescue. We just want to make sure that all Shelter Pets are adopted/rescued from a non-profit organization in order to further the mission of helping shelters around the country.

2. The submission can be for a pet that is still with us or one that has passed on. This entire project was inspired by our dog Chops after he had passed, so feel free to submit a beloved pet that has crossed the rainbow bridge as well.

3. For every series, we go through all submissions to determine which pets we have not previously released and which ones can be produced in a way that lives up to the pet they are based on. That means some animals might not be chosen because they look too similar to an already released Shelter Pet, and some unfortunately because they would be too difficult to get the design correctly manufactured.

4. There is an increased emphasis on pets that are not dogs and cats. We have received feedback to include more pets like ferrets, turtles, and even other rescued animals like goats, ducks, or hedgehogs... so we are really looking for all animals that are rescued from a non-profit for this series!

The owners of each selected pet will of course receive their own Shelter Pet, and their shelter will receive 10% of net sales for as long as the pet is sold.

Future series of Shelter Pets will be a reality as long as there is demand, so please help us spread the word about Shelter Pets

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