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​The Shelter Pets Story


The idea of Shelter Pets was inspired by my dog Chops. We adopted him in 2002 on a trip to the pet store to pick up a crate for a dog to be adopted later. We did not know they would have an adoption rally that day, and the rest is history.

Shelter Pets is a line of plush animals based off of pets that have been adopted or rescued through non-profit shelters/rescues. Our mission is to promote animal adoptions and to help raise money and awareness for shelters and rescues

For every Shelter Pet sold, 5% of net sales will be donated to the shelter that each pet was adopted from and 5% will be donated to the shelter that referred the sale. If no shelter refers the sale, the full 10% will go to the shelter of the purchased Shelter Pet.

Submit Your Own Pet


​We are accepting submissions for the second series of Shelter Pets. Please see the submissions page for the the rules to submit your adopted pet.

Meet the Series 1 Stars


​Check out the eight Shelter Pets in series one. We've got dogs, cats, a rat, a fox, and a pig. Each Shelter Pet has a unique story, and that is what makes adopting a pet so rewarding. Read about each Shelter Pet's story by clicking 'Meet the Pets' at the top of the page.

Become a Part of the Shelter Pets Family:


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Please follow us on social media for all of the latest updates and news. We will also be hosting giveaways as we launch Shelter Pets, so stay tuned for ways to win!


Enter your adopted pet to be a Shelter Pet:

We are taking submissions for the next series of Shelter Pets. Once we have enough entries, we will hold a voting contest to determine which pets are immortalized in stuffed goodness! In the meantime, help spread the word about Shelter Pets so that we can continue to expand the series and help more shelters around the country.

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