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Adopted: 2014
Shelter: Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary
Hometown: German Valley, IL
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Tod was surrendered to the Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary in 2014 when his owner discovered that foxes are not good animals to try and domesticate. Tod had destroyed the guy's apartment and led to his eviction, which ultimately led to his request to have Tod re-homed where he could be properly taken care of. Critter Camp adopted Tod when he was about six months old, and they had to gradually introduce him to being able to roam freely inside their house.

Soon after, Tod had free range of the house and acclimated to his new home. Foxes are solitary animals so they do not socialize in the same manner that dogs and cats do, but Tod still shows affection and loves to be petted when he chooses. Unfortunately foxes can not be potty trained like dogs and cats, so he does need to be constantly cleaned up after. Tod is just like any other fox as well in that he is very shy, so if he feels cornered will bite. Foxes are not meant to be pets for a reason, although Tod has become one of the stars of Critter Camp under the proper care and environment.

Tod now has a buddy to play with named Zorro, a 1.5 year old silver fox. They act like brothers wrestling, playing, chasing each other, and destroying things in tandem. They play with dog and cat toys by tossing them up in the air and catching them as well as burying treats in the couch for later. 

Usually Tod eats canned and dry grain-free chicken cat food, cooked eggs, chicken, and some fruits and vegetables. His favorite treats are donuts and ice cream, and he sleeps wherever he wants to in the house - on the dog beds, on the floor, or sometimes even on a shelf. Foxes might not make for good pets, but they are definitely beautiful, sweet animals who deserve proper care and understanding. Tod has definitely become a beloved part of Critter Camp.

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