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Adopted: March 2001
Shelter: Copper Country Humane Society (Houghton, MI)
Original Name: Snow White
Hometown: Austin, TX
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Tig was born in the frozen tundra of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where he spent many years buried under 300 or so inches of yearly snow.

He quickly decided to trade snow and pasties for warmth and BBQ.  This trip is where Tig gained his entry in the

Cat Guinness Book of World Records for ‘longest consecutive miles howled - 1533.'

All are welcome in Tig’s household, as he is a pacifist by nature - personally making friends with mice, lizards, and bats (even while his owners scream “GET IT!”)

An accomplished cat, Tig attended Cat University where he majored in ‘Finding hidden jingle balls late at night’ with a minor in ‘How to lead humans to where the food is’. 

Tigger currently resides in the land of weird with his two humans and his roommate Rinoa.

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