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Tillman is a pitbull with a huge personality. He's goofy, stubborn, playful, friendly, and so loving. Everyone in Tillman's neighborhood knows him (he's famous for his collection of bow ties). As a puppy, he was confiscated from a woman in Salem, OR, who had over 100 dogs in her possession that were crammed into dome kennels. Tillman had been rehabilitating with the Humane Society for a month when I got him, and he was still so thin, I thought he was part whippet. Tillman was adopted at 7 months old, and he's now 7 and a half years old and living the life of his dreams. He has all the foods and toys and cozy spots and blankets and loves he could ever want.

Tillman measures 10 inches tall and is soft, cuddly, and ready to be a part of any family. For every Tillman sold, 10% of net sales will be donated back to the shelter he was adopted from: The Humane Society in Portland, OR, and you can read more about Tillman and see pictures on the official Shelter Pets website.

All Shelter Pets come individually bagged with attached hangtags. Shelter Pets are recommended for ages 3 and up. Learn more about each Shelter Pet's story and the shelter they came from at


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