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Phineas is a great story of what shelters and rescues can do for our pups. He was found by solders in Northern Afghanistan and was in horrible condition while living under a foot bridge. An Afghan soldier got him out from under the bridge and he began to live with American soldiers at their base and within weeks went from barely being able to move to being an energetic puppy that was bringing happiness to all of the soldiers at the camp. Thanks to No Dog Gets Left Behind, Phineas was able to be brought back to the states to live with the soldier that found him and now lives with their family and two other pups.

Phineas measures 10 inches tall and is soft, cuddly, and ready to be a part of any family. For every Phineas sold, 10% of net sales will be donated back to No Dog Gets Left Behind so that they can continue to help reunited stray dogs discovered overseas with the US troops that save them.

All Shelter Pets come individually bagged with attached hangtags. Shelter Pets are recommended for ages 3 and up.  Learn more about each Shelter Pet's story and the shelter they came from at


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