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Leo is a Syrian Brown Bear that is around 26 years old. He lived in the Orphaned Wildlife sanctuary so that he can live a happy life. Leo was part of a failed breeding program and thus could not be released into the wild and he is now able to play with the other Syrian bears from that program. Leo loves to eat watermelon and meat... and melons... and oranges. He pretty much loves everything!

Obviously bears are not animals that should not be thought of as a pet, but it is important to highlight the amazing work that sanctuaries do for animals in need such as Leo. Just as with Tod the fox and Stella the raccoon, we wanted to include sanctuaries that are doing this kind of work for animals of all shapes and sizes, because there are a lot of animals that are getting a good life that would have never thrived in the wild.

Leo measures 10 inches tall and is soft, cuddly, and ready to be a part of any family. For every Leo sold, 10% of net sales will be donated back to the sanctuary that takes care of him: Orphaned Wildlife in New York.

All Shelter Pets come individually bagged with attached hangtags. Shelter Pets are recommended for ages 3 and up.


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