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PJ Kickstarter Rewards - MYSTERY STICKER PACKS

To help the Shelter Pets Kickstarter campaign surpass their funding goal, I am doing a Pearl Jam mystery sticker sale. This is in addition to the other Pearl Jam rewards available that can be viewed at
Each mystery pack is $38 without a pet or $50 with a Shelter Pet of your choice and includes:
2 - Pearl Jam tour stickers from the picture below
3 - Pearl Jam non-tour stickers from the 2nd picture below
1 - Pearl Jam tour pass, baseball cards, or pin from the 3rd picture below
*Random packs will have other bonus items included as well*
The price includes shipping in the US - international is available with shipping cost of $8 to Canada or $12 anywhere else in the world for a mystery pack w/o a pet. **If you add a Shelter Pet, shipping costs will increase to $16 in Canada or $22 worldwide.**
There is no limit to how many mystery packs you can buy - if you want to purchase additional mystery packs, you can add them for $35 more per pack.
As soon as the campaign is closed, I will assemble the mystery envelopes and will do my best to balance them out. After that I will shuffle the envelopes carefully and then put them in a stack. I will fulfill the orders and just pull the sealed envelopes as I go - I will not know what you're getting until you have them.
IF YOU WANT A MYSTERY PACK OR ANY OTHER PJ REWARD: Message me (on any of FB/Kickstarter/PJ page or email me to let me know what you want and I will confirm the total. Choose the Kickstarter pledge at that is $35 called the 'Two Pack w/ PJ Bonus' reward and pledge the amount we confirm (you enter the pledge manually when you go to purchase - super easy). I will make a note on your pledge so you will receive exactly what you want, but it will help keep the Kickstarter campaign from getting to cluttered!
If you choose the reward for $35 on Kickstarter but do not choose anything specifically from here, I will send you the two pack of Shelter Pets with a Pearl Jam bonus - will choose from stickers, pins, postcards, buttons, etc)
Thank you for looking - if you have any questions please let me know! 

TWO PEARL JAM TOUR STICKERS: You will receive two Pearl Jam official tour stickers from the picture above. If we have a lot of entries we might add stickers in but will update here with photos.

THREE NON-CITY SPECIFIC STICKERS: You will receive two Pearl Jam/EV/TOTD official stickers from the picture above. If we have a lot of entries we might add stickers in but will update here with photos.

ONE PEARL JAM TOUR PASS/PIN/BASEBALL CARDS: You will receive one Pearl Jam tour pass, city pin, or pack of Wrigley Field baseball cards.
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