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Adopted: June 2017
Shelter: Georgia House Rabbit Society
Hometown: Marietta, GA
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Look up the definition of survivor and you should see a picture of this little girl, but you won't. People underestimate her because she is cute and small and fluffy, but they don't know how big her fight is. Ostara was dumped either in or near a dog park. Unfortunately, a dog was also the first to find her and was seen shaking her before someone intervened. By the time our volunteers found her, they thought she'd already passed. Her little body was stretched over a log. It turns out she had tried to hop over it, but her back legs weren't working after the dog attack. She stayed stretched across that log in the rain...and she wasn't moving.

Her temperature was only 96 degrees - a normal temperature for a rabbit is between 101 and 103F. We are so happy the our volunteers found her when they did. Without them, that's how she would have died. We have no doubt about that. However, she is a fighter.

Fortunately Ostara did not have any broken bones in her body, but she did lose the use of her back legs. We believe that over time she will regard the use of her back legs, and she has been getting stronger every week since we found her in June. She is constantly working to become more and more active, and we believe that soon she will be able to use her back legs more freely and enjoy her new surroundings!

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