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Adopted: March 2007
Shelter: Seattle Humane
Original Name: Templeton
Hometown: Seattle, WA
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On a March evening in 2007, I went to "just look" at Templeton, who I discovered while searching Petfinder. He was a one-year-old adorable siamese rat who found his way to Seattle Humane after being surrendered by his prior owner. How anyone could have parted with him I will never understand, but I am forever grateful. 

The description of "handsome and friendly" didn't begin to scratch the surface of how amazing Templeton was. When I took him out of his cage to say hello, he snuggled up in my arms and showered me with kisses. I knew there was no way I was leaving without him.

My friend and I found ourselves attempting to balance a giant rat palace while waddling through the shopping complex where the offsite shelter was located. We fought to keep the huge cage level while walking down flights of stairs and through a parking garage. Unfazed by the whole ordeal, Templeton jumped on top of his rat igloo and took it all in -- a sign of what was to come with his mellow, go-with-the-flow attitude. 


Templeton quickly and affectionately became known as Chunk. He was a very large rat (plus a little on the tubby side) and a total chunk of love. Unlike prior pet rats I'd had, Chunk wasn't too keen on running around my house much or getting into trouble. He was most content to lay on a comfortable lap, cruise the bed or couch, perch on a shoulder for rides or nap in the hood of a sweatshirt. He often snoozed upside down and loved belly rubs and being tickled. 

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